We regularly commentate in the media on parenting and fertility law issues. Please see the links below.

BioNewsUK surrogacy gone wrong – Bio News (17 March 2014)

BioNewsDIY surrogacy leaves intended mother with no parental rights- (10 March 2014)

bbc-logo                      Leicester baby case leads to judge’s surrogacy advice – BBC News (6 March 2014)



DIY surrogate pregnancy deal ends in court battle – The Telegraph  (6 March 2014)


Leicester mercury   Turkey baster-style surrogate pregnancy ends in legal chaos –  Leicester  Mercury   (6 March 2014)

Daily_Mail‘Do it yourself’ surrogate pregnancy ends in legal chaos with three-year-old boy effectively having  two mothers - Daily Mail (5 March 2014)

Daily_Mail Cash for Victims of the IVF postcode lottery - Scottish Daily Mail (12 July 2013)

Portsmouth-News Couple win legal fight to receive IVF treatment – The Portsmouth News (21 December 2011)

thetelegraph Couple win IVF funding battle with NHS – The Telegraph (20 December 2011)


BBCRadioSomerset BBC Radio Somerset, debate on the IVF postcode lottery featuring Louisa Ghevaert (1 July 2011) (not currently available)

BBC_Breakfast BBC Breakfast, surrogacy interview with Louisa Ghevaert and well known UK surrogate mother Jill Hawkins, BBC 1, (23 January 2011) (see video section)

BBCR4Today BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, debate on whether surrogacy law should be changed with Louisa Ghevaert and Dr David King, Director of Human Genetics Alert (21 January 2011)

BBCR4WH BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, surrogacy interview on the ethics of paying for surrogacy with Louisa Ghevaert, Barry Barlow-Drewitt and writer Julie Bindell (19 January 2011)

BBC5Live BBC Radio 5 Live, surrogacy interview with Louisa Ghevaert and UK surrogate mother Jill Hawkins (January 2011)


Daily_Mail “Mother to freeze eggs so her infertile daughter, 2, can one day give birth to her own brother or sister”– The Daily Mail quoting Louisa Ghevaert (January 2011)

thetelegraph “Surrogacy couple: paying American woman was our last chance for a child” – The Telegraph quoting Louisa Ghevaert (December 2010)

EveningStandard Reform our surrogacy laws – The Evening Standard, Louisa Ghevaert (November 2010)


thetelegraph “Sperm donor websites: the baby delivery service” The Telegraph quoting Louisa Ghevaert (September 2010)

Independent “Why Can’t I have a baby on my own?” – The Independent quoting Louisa Ghevaert (May 2010)


TheTimes  “Couple win battle to save frozen embryos from destruction” – The Times quoting Louisa Ghevaert (September 2009)

TheTimes The Times Lawyer of the Week - Louisa Ghevaert (October 2009)


gazette-logo The Legal Gazette Lawyer in the News - Louisa Ghevaert (September 2009)

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